This page is dedicated to the band’s proclaimed “Spirtual Leader and Mentor”, Tony Tecumseh.

From a young age Tony had a passion for music, and a desire to share what he loved with others. For much of his life he felt as if his passion had not been accepted. When he learned 40 years later that he had indeed touched a great number of people with his songs, he was able to feel a level of success from his passion. Tony also was a pioneer in the music industry, by being what some historians believe to be the first Native American rock n’ roll artist to release an album. Due to his contributions as an artist, he was bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native American Music Association shortly before his passing. Tony Tecumseh was a father, husband, and friend to many, but most importantly he was the true embodiment of a musician.

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Anthony “Tony” V. Tecumseh

Born October 27th 1940 – Rode Home January 29th, 2012