Forty Years AgoThey Thought They Failed, The World Says They Didn't

Subject of the Telly award winning documentary “Afterglow” the group is proud of the work they produced when just teenagers and appreciate their many fans around the world. The music lives thanks to fans like you. Please reach out and tell us your Afterglow journey.

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The Story

The members of Afterglow were completely unaware of their impact on the fans of the 1960s rock scene as they carried on with their lives. Oblivious to the world that loves their work, these five friends discovered that their album didn’t fail; it just took its own sweet time to succeed.

The story of Afterglow is a true American success story in which hard work, loyalty and camaraderie can work together and create great things. Enjoy the story, love the music and join the journey.

Patrick Desmond

Producer "Afterglow" the Film

Nearly 40 years later, unbeknownst to the band, the album secured rock and roll cult status


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Afterglow is alive and well and loves performing for their fans.