In early 1967,
five young men from rural Northern California and Southern Oregon
began a journey.

Even they could not have predicted how the adventure would end.

After a summer spent writing and rehearsing, Larry Alexander, Ron George, Gene Resler, Roger Swanson, and Tony Tecumseh found their way to the studio in San Francisco. They entered the studio as the “Medallions” and left as “Afterglow” The LP, with it’s distinctive artwork was released in 1968. With little promotion the band believed the album fell into obscurity. Little did they know that 45 years later they would discover that their music played on.

The guys enjoying their time on stage at a live show in 1968. Leading up to the release of the album the band played at venues all over Northern California. Gigs they played ranged from college parties to shows at the local armories.

Live Show 1968

With an album release comes the studio photo shoot. You can almost see the blend of excitement and nerves in the young friends faces. Previous

Studio Photo

Song list from original album Riding Home Again Morning Dream Away Susie's Gone It's a Wonder Afternoon Meadowland of Love Love Chasing Rainbows Mend This Heart of Mine By My Side Previous

Song List Cover Page

The guys taking a break from jamming.

Band Photo

Afterglow Reunion

After 45 years, they learned that they were not forgotten.